Massage & Pressing Trigle Points for Therapy and Treatment

Thai Traditional Massage has been used for treatment of the body

Joints and Ligament, Bone membrane or Nerve Bone disease etc. 

If you are facing and suffering from these kinds of concerned 

symptoms . Please ,call for more information at  

       091-0723748  on Mon-Sat   at  09:00am-20:00pm


         We treat and teach these samples of symptoms...

  Finger Lock                  Numbness finger    
  Office Syndrome (Headach,Migrane,Eye-Foreheadach)      
  Lasting knee pain / Rheumatoid    
  Parkinson's Disease    
              Swelling and Pain of  Shoulder/Scapula/Lumbar/Back Bone    
  Stomach or Chest Tight Colic    
  Stick Shoulder    
  Neck Pillow Pain and swelling    
  Paralysis Disease    
  Cramping Frequently    

All treatment by Thai Traditional Doctors

  We are welcome for student who needs to learn for treatment!    add line to ask more.    


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